Many businesses are affected by the MCO lockdown and the impact is huge. In certain sectors businesses either goes bankrupt or being sold off at dirt cheap price. Numerous entrepreneurs are currently searching for approaches to get back and hold their clients in the midst of this intense period for survival only. The numbers of infection is rising day by day and it’s now up to a point that they are in the thousands on a daily basis. Here are 9 EASY TIPS to show how businesses can oversee and improve clients’ experience during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In these difficult occasions, numerous businesses have taken severity measures to deal with the pandemic’s effect on their income, for example, taking up stimulus packages, making salary deductions, and far more detestable, relinquishing their staff. Past that, a few hotels, travel agencies, food cafés, and retailers had to go out of business, one by one.

So for those of you who are somewhat more fortunate, how to manage your business after Covid-19? How could you hold on to your clients after Covid-19, and improve client faithfulness simultaneously? Before we set out on the plausible answers or recommendations, let us attempt to comprehend the overall shopper practices and behaviour first.

Here are 9 strategy for customer retention during this Covid-19 Pandemic.

If you are not online yet, get there NOW!

This is by a long shot perhaps the main reason to make for your business at the present time. Everyone is searching for products and services online. From what we’ve realized, tech is the most indispensable tool for businesses to endure post-MCO, so in the event that you actually have a sizable financial plan or investment funds for your business, you realize what you need to do. GO ONLINE & BUILD A WEBSITE!

Regardless of the industry or business that you’re in, you can generally begin with the most straightforward, least threatening thing: Setting up a WEBSITE. A website is effectively the quickest method to arrive at new and existing clients paying little heed to the size of your business – regardless of whether your are a major player or even a pasar malam stall vendor.

With various features and functions to post up your items, livestream item demos, automate your discussions with clients, generate leads, and significantly more, there’s such a lot more of that you can do by having your own website.

You can also consider utilizing other platform to supplement your online digital efforts, such as:

  • A landing page (for you to boost your products when running ads)
  • An E-Commerce website or store on platforms like Shopee or Lazada (for you to tap into their customer base, traffic, resources, and logistics solutions)
  • Other social media platforms according to your business, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube (for you to reach out to a bigger community and to grab a bigger audience)
  • A business WhatsApp  account (for customers to easily get hold of you, and vice-versa)
  • A simple payment gateway system, like iPay88 or MolPay (to make it easier for people to pay instantly instead of having to manually perform an online transfer)
  • An automated response feature, like Chatbots (so your customers can quickly get some reply instead of feeling like they’re talking to a wall)
  • Integrate an e-wallet payment feature for your online & offline store, like GrabPay or Touch ‘n Go (so customers can enjoy fast, clean, contactless transactions and get rewarded when they shop)
  • A logistics service provider, like DHL, Lalamove or J&T Express (so you can send your items to your customers wherever they are)

Make sure to update all your online communication channels

The simplest and fastest way to get visibility but an under utilize platform is none other then? (Give it a guess)

The answer is … GOOGLE MY BUSINESS

Many people are always looking for information online and Google dominates the search engine segment. If you’re not on Google then you are at nowhere. Info such as if your shop is open or closed, business hours, contact info and etc can be easily updated onto Google My Business and you don’t even have to pay a single cent, it’s completely FREE! Yes you read it correctly, Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps.

Then if you have other social media accounts such as Facebook, why not schedule post to share the latest products or services that you are offering on alternate days and pin it so that it’ll show up on the top of your wall.

On Instagram you could create a sequence of stories to share and set post as Highlights so that it’s the first thing that visitors sees.

If you have a passion for movie making, shoot short clips with your handphone and post it up onto YouTube and create your own channel.

With all these said, it is not some magic trick that will bring you to the top of the ladder. You will still need to plan your story telling or movie making script meaningful or to be able to address some issues faced by your customers in order to give them a nice experience. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to watch a nice movie.

Unlike a physical store, clients practically have zero ability to see online… and this implies an absence of communication might actually drive them up the wall. Don’t simply consider on just posting of promotions, do consider continually refreshing your clients with data on items they bought, for example, stock and delivery status. Getting it right in the beginning can lead to a long term relationship with your customers.

Advertise and run promotions to increase your business Visibility

If you are the type that is very against giving out discount coupons or vouchers, it a very good time now to change your thoughts now. Malaysian consumer behaviour changed tremendously since MCO. According to a research from Nielsen webinar, a whooping 75% of online consumers jump right into special offer deals, price cut or free delivery vouchers.

Promotions such as price down deal or buy above X amount to enjoy FREE shipping will make your business stand out from others that is not doing it. By shifting the power over to your consumer helps a lot during this pandemic times. Even small offers such as 15% discount on next purchase or to give away small items like keychain can make your customer feel appreciated and to gain their loyalty.

This investment will go a long way and you can collect more data from your customers whether they are new or existing customers. These data can be used later for re-marketing or to engage with them in the near future. Also be thoughtful when you run your campaigns. Try to avoid negative statements such as “Covid-19 Pandemic” or “Corona Virus” in your campaign. Use positive statements such as “Enjoy FREE Shipping on all purchases”, to run your promotion or campaign.

Use available information on your clients to promote & strategise your campaign

Planning a campaign without understanding the needs of your customers is like dumping money into the drain. You spend thousands of ringgit in Ads spending but the conversion is bad, impression is low and sales is not coming in. Have you ever wonder why?

Just pause for a moment, take a deep breath and rethink.

Information is crucial for any business today, regardless of industry, capacity or size. That is on the grounds that entrepreneurs currently have solid view and comprehension into if their effort have worked or not, and why.

By understanding your customers, you will be able to identify their needs and to offer your solution to ease or solve their problems. Only by doing so you’ll be able to engage with them deeper on a personal basis hence you’ll have a higher chance of closing the deal. Here are 3 pointers that you should consider before launching your campaign …

  1. realizing how to structure your messages in a language that your customers understands,

  2. realizing how to focus on your advertisements to the correct crowd, and

  3. realizing how to give them what they need.

This can be quite scary in case you’re new to the scene, however as usual, there are numerous free resources available online to assist you in from the starting line.

Speak to your customers with empathy

In a period where everybody is influenced somehow by the pandemic, it wouldn’t be shame to open up about the down hill battles you’re facing as a business. In any case, it’s essential to do this with genuineness, truthfulness, and straightforwardness, as the exact opposite thing you need is for your clients to believe that you’re just doing this for compassion.

If a business is looking for compassion, they ought to likewise do the same to clients with advancements that will give them more incentive for the amount that they have spend.

Above all, be extra cautious with how you address your clients. While you coordinate your tone to the current situation, you actually don’t have any desire to be called out for exploiting a crisis situation, or utilizing it to push deals.


Stay tuned for Part 2, coming very soon to you …